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Support Policy Category A

Applies to the following product categories and products:

Product Category A

Endpoint solutions

ESET Endpoint Antivirus, ESET Endpoint Security (desktop platforms)


Server products

ESET File Security or ESET Server Security (Windows, Linux), ESET Mail Security (Exchange, IBM Domino), ESET Security for Sharepoint

Support levels transition rules

Each feature update in category A receives one year of Full Support and then two years of Limited Support after its release date. After that, the version transitions to End of Life.

The Full Support period for the most recent product version may be extended if no successor is released during its Full Support. In this case, the end date of Full support equals the release date of the subsequent feature update. However, even if the end of Full Support shifts, the product version’s End of Life date remains the same. A certain period of Limited Support will always follow after Full Support.


Each feature update is represented by a table row. Refer also to the Product tables explanation.

This is an illustrative example for a category A product:


Original release date

Latest Build

Latest Build Release Date

Current status

Full Support

Limited Support


January 25, 2023

April 5, 2023

example Full Support

Until next feature update (minimum until January 31, 2024)

Until January 31, 2026


January 20, 2022

December 5, 2022

important Limited Support

Ended (January 31, 2023)

Until January 31, 2025


January 15, 2020

November 5, 2022

warning End of Life

Ended (January 20, 2022)

Ended (January 31, 2023)

Version 2.1 is in Full Support because one year from its release date has not elapsed or a later feature update has not been released

Version 2.0 is in Limited Support because one year from its release date has elapsed

Version 1.0 is in End of Life because three years from its release date have elapsed

oThis version’s Full Support was prolonged from one year because a later feature update had not been available within one year after the version 1.0 release


To review the current support level for your ESET product, see the Is my ESET product supported? section.

Support Level Specifics

The support levels’ scope is explained in the section Support levels. In addition, the following specifics apply to products in this category:

OkFull Support

Development support—Fixes in fully supported versions can address bugs and vulnerabilities of various severities and improvements to product version features

Operating system compatibility—ESET does not change the already released versions to be compatible with newly released OS versions

oReleased versions may work when the OS changes are minor or ESET aims to guarantee support for new operating systems only by the next feature update

oThe only exception is Windows Endpoint products, where ESET adds compatibility for Windows 10 and 11 feature updates

WarningLimited Support

Development Support—Confirmed bugs and vulnerabilities may be addressed with servicing updates

oWhether a fix will be released to a product version in limited support is at ESET’s discretion.

oESET intends to fix primarily major vulnerabilities and severe bugs in product versions in limited support.

DocumentationKnowledgebase and Online Help updates are guaranteed only for critical issues (such as those preventing a product’s core functionality and security)

ThreatsEnd of Life

Module updates—No module updates (where applicable); thus, the device is not protected

ESET Extended Support

ESET offers an additional, paid service that provides limited module updates to ESET product versions after their official End of Life. Development Support and full Technical Support are not included. You can find more information about this service in the official documentation.

Only specific products and product versions are eligible for ESET Extended Support for a specified period.