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Support policies

For support policies, we distinguish the following Support Policy Categories populated with specific product categories and products:

Product Category

Support Policy Category

Support level transition rules

Endpoint solutions

ESET Endpoint Antivirus, ESET Endpoint Security (desktop platforms)


Server products

ESET File Security or ESET Server Security (Windows, Linux), ESET Mail Security (Exchange, IBM Domino), ESET Security for Sharepoint

Category A

One year Full Support, two years Limited Support after the version’s release

On-premise consoles

ESET PROTECT On-Prem (formerly ESET PROTECT, ESET Security Management Center, ESET Remote Administrator)


ESET Management Agent

ESET Management Agent

Category B

Six months Full Support, two years Limited Support after the version’s release

Mobile products

ESET Endpoint Security for Android


Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

ESET Inspect On-Prem (formerly ESET Inspect, ESET Enterprise Inspector)


Encryption and Multi-factor Authentication

ESET Full Disk Encryption, ESET Endpoint Encryption, ESET Secure Authentication



ESET Bridge



ESET Direct Endpoint Management plugins, ERA – ESMC plugins

Category C

Full Support until the next feature update release, then one year Limited Support

Cloud solutions

ESET PROTECT (formerly ESET PROTECT Cloud), ESET LiveGuard Advanced (formerly ESET Dynamic Threat Defense), ESET MSP Administrator, ESET Business Account, ESET Inspect (formerly ESET Inspect Cloud), ESET Cloud Office Security, ESET Threat Intelligence


ESET Professional Services Automation plugins

Category D

Continual Full Support