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End of Life (EOL) issues requiring your immediate attention

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Cut-off process timeline

Your ESET product might experience an automatic forced upgrade. It depends on what type of product, version and environment do you have. You can experience a complete cut-off only (e.g. if you are a managed user), depending on your ESET product and version you use.


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We are continually improving our products to make sure that the latest versions of our security products use most advanced security technologies and are well designed to be compatible with Windows updates. Get the latest version of our security product supported by your OS to ensure its best performance and stability.Windows updates day 1 compatibility

detection-performanceFocus on detection, performance and ease of use

Each new version of ESET products feature many bugfixes and improvements. Existing customers with a valid license for an ESET product may upgrade to the latest version of the same product for free.New product versions included in your license



Curious about the EOL policy?

Determine whether your ESET product and version is supported and learn more about the EOL policy.


Why EOL?

In response to evolving threats, we must upgrade ESET products as well. Earlier ESET products do not guarantee cutting-edge protection; operating systems compatibility cannot be guaranteed, etc.

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