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Support Policy Category B

Applies to the following product categories and products:

Product Category B

On-premise consoles

ESET PROTECT On-Prem (formerly ESET PROTECT, ESET Security Management Center, ESET Remote Administrator)


ESET Management Agent

ESET Management Agent

Support levels transition rules

Each feature update in category B receives six months of Full Support and then two years of Limited Support after its release date. Following that, the version transitions to the End of Life period.

The Full Support period for the most recent product version may be extended if there is no successor released during its Full Support. In this case, the Full Support end date equals the release date of the subsequent feature update. (However, even if the end of Full Support shifts, the End of Life date remains as initially set. A certain period of Limited Support will always follow Full Support.)

Support Level Specifics

The support levels’ scope is explained in the section Support levels. In addition, the following specifics apply to products in this category:

OkFull Support

Development support—The fixes usually address major and minor vulnerabilities and major bugs.

Operating system compatibility—ESET does not usually change already released versions to be compatible with newly released OS versions, and when ESET decides to do so, it is reflected in the product version’s online documentation

WarningLimited Support

Documentation—Knowledgebase and Online Help updates are guaranteed only for critical issues (such as those preventing a product’s core functionality and security)