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Support levels

These are the generic support levels for versions of ESET business products and services. Refer to the corresponding sections for each product category’s specific support level definitions.

For product components, the support level periods are the same as for the product version they belong to – unless stated otherwise. For instance, ESET Inspect Connector version 1.11 has the same end of Limited Support date as ESET Inspect version 1.11.

“Supporting a product version” from ESET side means supporting primarily the latest available servicing update of the given feature update (latest available build of the given product version). Builds made available by ESET HQ, listed in Product tables, are considered the latest available. If the customer uses an earlier servicing update and encounters an issue, technical support may require them to install the latest servicing update, as this update may already address the issue.

Support levels scope overview:


Full Support

Limited Support

End of Life

Development support

No / at ESET's discretion


Module updates (if applicable)


Forward OS compatibility

With new feature update

Not guaranteed


Technical support


Documentation accessible and updated

Updates for critical issues only


Version is available for download

ESET servers and ESET PROTECT repository

ESET PROTECT repository


To review your ESET product’s current support level, refer to the Is my ESET product supported? section.

Full Support

Full Support is understood industry-wide as offering full functionality and providing best efforts to serve customers by fixing bugs, provided it is technically and economically viable. We also offer wide-ranging assistance to our customers. ESET aims to support future operating system releases by subsequent releases of ESET product versions unless there is a major external hurdle that ESET cannot overcome with reasonable effort.

Full Support does not automatically guarantee we will fix all the discovered bugs in the affected version—ESET decides which issues to address and may release a fix in a later version. After the bug analysis is finished, we track the fixes and queue them in the implementation process based on other development priorities. While some bugs may be fixed as soon as possible in a servicing update, some may be addressed later, either in a Servicing or Feature update. When a critical or business-important bug is discovered, ESET makes the best effort to fix it in all relevant versions.

Full Support scope

Development Support—Confirmed bugs and vulnerabilities are addressed with servicing updates or feature updates

oFully supported product versions receive all fixes that ESET decides to release to currently available versions

Module updates—Regular module updates are available for all modules (where applicable)

Operating system compatibility—When ESET releases a new feature update, we aim to support the latest operating system versions available at the time of the release. (ESET does not change the already released versions to be compatible with newly released operating system versions.)

Technical Support—Technical Support is available

DocumentationKnowledgebase and Online Help guides are up to date

New installations—The product version is available for download from ESET servers and the ESET PROTECT repository

Limited Support

Limited Support is generally restricted to Technical Support and, in some cases, Development Support (primarily limited to fixing critical bugs or vulnerabilities). There is no support for new operating system versions. The Limited Support end date is the End of Life date for a given product version.

Limited Support scope

Development Support—No Development Support or Servicing updates (bug fixes) are available for this version, bugs and vulnerabilities will be addressed in future product releases

Module updates—Regular module updates are available for all modules (where applicable)

Operating system compatibility—Compatibility with new operating system versions is not guaranteed

Technical Support—Technical Support is available for known issues

Documentation—Knowledgebase articles and Online Help updates might be limited

New installations—The product is no longer available for download from ESET servers

End of Life

In the End of Life support level, we offer zero support or assistance and do not guarantee the product version’s functionality. We can guide the customer to the most appropriate migration path to upgrade to the latest product version or equivalent product.

End of Life scope

Development Support—No Development Support, i. e. Servicing updates (bug fixes) are available for this version

Module updates—No module updates (where applicable)

Operating system compatibility—No new operating systems support

Technical Support—No Technical Support available

Documentation—No accessible online Knowledgebase articles or Online Help; documentation is unpublished

New installations—Product version is no longer available for download from ESET servers or the ESET PROTECT repository


ESET always decides which vulnerabilities and confirmed bugs to fix based on problem severity, the number of impacted users and the commercial and technical feasibility of the fix. ESET strives to address customer problems and offer a solution if it is economically viable. To offer a solution, in some cases, ESET may provide a workaround instead of delivering a bug fix.

ESET may implement more complex fixes only in subsequent feature updates (and not in the currently released fully supported versions).

If ESET decides to implement a fix in an already released version, that fix shall be implemented into versions in Full Support and might or might not be implemented into Limited Support versions.

ESET strives to primarily support the latest feature update of each product, and to implement fixes into upcoming versions that will be released soon. ESET focuses development on this as it brings the most value to our customers.



In special circumstances, ESET reserves the right to switch any product or product components' lifecycle stage at any time and will update these pages before transitioning a product or product component to End of Life.

ESET shall not be obliged to issue updates or upgrades (feature update, servicing update, or module update) to the software or for a specific operating system in the case of technical impossibility due to third-party limitations for their products or updates. For instance, if the third-party vendor stops supporting an operating system and does not allow signing any new builds for this operating system, ESET may be unable to provide updates for this software. ESET will make our best effort to work with third parties to address the issues but is not obliged to provide a solution.