ESET Extended Support


ESET Extended Support provides a basic level of protection by continuing to update ESET product versions for a given period after their official End of Life.


ESET Extended Support provides only a basic level of protection, so only the selected module updates are provided:

Detection engine

Advanced heuristics

Anti-spam (in server products)

For full protection, we always recommend using the latest product versions.

Information about ESET Extended Support is available in English only.


ESET Extended Support also includes:

Product version compatibility with the operating system version you had when you requested the service.

Technical Support responses regarding module updates, but no development support (bug or vulnerability fixing).

Existing product version documentation in the PDF format when requested via ESET Technical Support.


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Eligible Customers and Conditions

Product versions eligible for ESET Extended Support

Instructions to configure your environment properly

Management consoles with ESET Extended Support


I do not have the ESET Extended Support

Contact your local ESET partner for inquiries.




ESET Extended Support cannot provide the same level of protection as a fully updated product. Upgrade your ESET products and operating systems to get the best level of protection and support.

Upgrade your ESET business products

Last updated: January 18, 2023

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