ESET End of Life

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Support Policy Category D

Applies to the following product categories and products:

Product Category D

Cloud solutions

ESET PROTECT (formerly ESET PROTECT Cloud), ESET LiveGuard Advanced (formerly ESET Dynamic Threat Defense), ESET MSP Administrator, ESET Business Account, ESET Inspect (formerly ESET Inspect Cloud), ESET Cloud Office Security, ESET Threat Intelligence

Support levels

Full Support is available when a new feature update becomes available. This feature update is in Full Support, and the previous feature update automatically transitions to the final level—End of Life.

Limited Support is available when a subsequent feature update becomes available. Occasionally, if the previous feature update is not terminated, this previous feature update automatically switches from Full Support to Limited Support for a pre-defined time (usually for 1 year). After the pre-defined time, the previous release version reaches End of Life.

Support Level Specifics

The support levels’ scope is explained in the section Support levels. In addition, the following specifics apply to products in this category:

OkFull Support

Cloud service is constantly improved

Enrollment of new customers/users is available

WarningLimited Support

Cloud service is not actively improved

Bugs are under consideration

Functionalities and accessibility may be limited

Enrollment of new customers/users may be limited

Technical Support is limited

ThreatsEnd of Life

Cloud service improvements are terminated

Accessibility is limited or terminated

Enrollment of new customers/users is unavailable