ESET End of Life

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Support Policy Category C

Applies to the following product categories:

Mobile products

ESET Endpoint Security for Android



Encryption and Multi-factor Authentication

ESET Full Disk Encryption, ESET Endpoint Encryption, ESET Secure Authentication


ESET Bridge


These rules will not be applied retroactively but will only be applicable going forwards.

Full Support is available only for the latest (major or minor) version.

Limited Support is available in a reduced scope for one year after a later product version has been released.

Support Levels Scope

OkFull Support

Bugs and broken functionality are always fixed in the latest release

New product releases grant compatibility with new operating systems and new versions of operating systems

Confirmed problems and vulnerabilities addressed with security and stability updates or service releases

Technical Support is available and documentation is updated

WarningLimited Support

No development support available (no bug fixing)

Bugs and vulnerabilities will be addressed in future product releases

Technical Support is available for known issues, documentation updates might be limited

Module updates available (where applicable)

ThreatsEnd of Life

No technical support or security and stability updates are available for this version

Product is not available for download from ESET servers

Knowledgebase articles and Online Help are unpublished and no longer accessible online