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Support Policy Category C

Applies to the following product categories and products:

Product Category C

Mobile products

ESET Endpoint Security for Android


Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

ESET Inspect On-Prem (formerly ESET Inspect, ESET Enterprise Inspector)


Encryption and Multi-factor Authentication

ESET Full Disk Encryption, ESET Endpoint Encryption, ESET Secure Authentication



ESET Bridge



ESET Direct Endpoint Management plugins, ERA – ESMC plugins

Support levels transition rules

If a product version consists of several components, they have the same support level and duration as the product version—unless stated otherwise. For instance, ESET Inspect Connector version 1.11 has the same Limited Support end date as ESET Inspect version 1.11.

Full Support is available only for the latest feature update in category C. When a newer feature update is released, the previous version immediately transitions to Limited Support for one year.

Support Level Specifics

The support levels’ scope is explained in the section Support levels. In addition, the following specifics apply to products in this category:

OkFull Support

Operating system compatibility—ESET does not change the already released versions to be compatible with newly released OS versions; they either work because the changes are minor, or we guarantee support for new operating systems in the next feature update.