Eligible Customers and Conditions


Existing customers: ESET Extended Support is available to existing customers who have been with ESET for at least two years.

Stable environment: Customers cannot update any operating system, system components, drivers, or install any new third-party applications. If there are any environment changes after the request for ESET Extended Support, ESET cannot guarantee its full functionality.

Supported environment: Customers must have an environment officially supported by the ESET product version; a combination of product versions, operating system versions, and management console versions that are required according to official ESET documentation.

Suitable management console: If the customer is managed by a provider or uses an ESET management console, they must use an on-premises ESET management console.

Existing installations: Customers cannot create new installations of the product version in End of Life status. Installation files are not accessible from the ESET website or repository after the version’s End of Life date.

Seat count: Customers receive extended support for the requested number of seats on the selected product version(s). Affected ESET products on all remaining seats must be upgraded to a newer supported version, uninstalled, or included in a subsequent ESET Extended Support order.

Price: A price minimum for ESET Extended Support applies.

Valid license: ESET Extended Support is only available in addition to a valid ESET product license. ESET Extended Support does not serve as an alternative to a standard product license.

Last updated: December 8, 2023

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