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Product lifecycle

Each of our products fits into a specific stage of the product lifecycle. To define a complete End of Life policy, we decided to categorize them into the following groups:

1. Products in active development

These products are in the early or middle stages of the lifecycle, and we plan to develop and sell them in the coming years.

Products in active development regularly undergo the end-of-version procedure for earlier product versions (every time a new major or minor version is released). There is also a procedure to allow for an extended period of Limited Support for certain product versions—for more details, contact your ESET representative.

2. Products in maintenance

These products are in a highly mature state, and ESET only maintains them. There is no development of any new features. Products in maintenance do not get releases guaranteeing compatibility with future operating system releases.

3. Products to be terminated

These products have not been developed or improved for a long time, and they no longer make any commercial or strategic sense. These products undergo an internal product termination procedure, which results in the products complete End of Life.