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Glossary of Terms

Feature update

Feature updates provide new features and functionality. A new feature update may involve a major product overhaul, improvements to product architecture or a change in operating system support.

Servicing update

Servicing updates provide fixes and improvements that are essential for security and stability. These updates do not add or remove functionality; they only fix or improve existing features.


A build is the unique identifier of the deployed product that is ready for use. A build denotes a combination of feature and servicing updates. The latest build contains (in the latest servicing update) all fixes in the specified feature update.



The following are three different builds: 11.0.2032.0, 11.0.2045.0, and 11.0.2045.6.

Module update

Module updates occur separately from specific product version builds, for example, Detection engine or Advanced heuristics modules. Regular module updates protect against the latest known threats. Modules are updated separately from the installation of new product versions.

Development Support

Development support provides bug and vulnerability fixes and improvements to product version features. These fixes can be delivered as servicing or feature updates.

End of Life date

Last day for product or product version support (the Limited Support end date for a given product version). After this date, the product or product version is in its End of life period. There is no guarantee for product functionality, fixes, or technical support after this date.

End of Sale date

After the End of Sale date, no new orders of a specific ESET product or service are allowed. See the full definition.