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Microsoft and Windows operating system

Backward compatibility

For Windows 10 and 11, we aim to make our future feature updates compatible with all Windows 10 and 11 releases that occur within a 30-month period before the date of our product release.

For example, the Endpoint version 8.x released in December 2020, is compatible with Windows 10 versions released up to 30 months earlier (June 2018) or since Windows 10 version 1803.

Forward compatibility

Regarding future compatibility, our Endpoint product versions will receive Windows 10 and 11 compatibility updates while they are in Full Support, as defined in the previous chapter. These compatibility updates are provided through servicing updates. For example, Endpoint Version 7.3 is compatible with Windows 10 version H2/2022.

For earlier Windows versions (8.1 and below), we are bound by existing commitments, and various exceptions have been granted to the rule.

To review the currently supported Windows OS versions by different ESET product versions, refer to the Operating systems support overview section.


Support for Azure Code Signing must be installed on all Windows operating systems to install or upgrade ESET products released after July 2023. More information.


Degraded protection due to restricted module updates

Due to the Microsoft Entrust certificate expiration on December 8, 2023, ESET will not be able to provide updates to several modules on the affected operating systems after this date. The affected modules in the ESET product will remain on the last version available before this date. More information for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2008 R2.