Support levels

These are the general support levels for ESET products and services. For specific support levels of individual products and product versions, refer to their corresponding sections.

Full Support

This is understood industry-wide as providing the best efforts to serve customers by fixing all bugs and offering full functionality. We also offer wide-ranging assistance to our customers. All future operating system releases will be supported unless there is a major external hurdle that we cannot overcome with reasonable effort.

Limited Support

It is generally limited to Technical Support and Development Support, which is limited to bug fixing (critical bugs/vulnerabilities only), and there is no support for new operating system versions.

End of Life

At this stage of the product lifecycle, we offer zero support or assistance and do not guarantee the product's functionality at all. The best we can do is guide the customer to the most appropriate migration path to upgrade to the latest equivalent product.

OkFull Support

Availability of regular module updates
(Applies to antivirus products only)

Confirmed problems and vulnerabilities addressed with security and stability updates or service releases

Support of the latest operating system/version of the applicable operating system
(Support of earlier versions of the latest operating system is not guaranteed)

Compatibility with select operating systems

Technical Support available to assist with all product-related issues

Documentation (Knowledgebase and Online Help guides) kept up to date

WarningLimited Support

Availability of regular module updates

Security and stability updates for critical bugs at ESET's discretion

Technical Support is available only for known bugs (where a fix is already available)

No localization updates are possible

Compatibility with select operating systems at ESET's discretion

Documentation updates are guaranteed only for critical issues (preventing the products' core functionality and security from working properly)

ThreatsEnd of Life

Availability of regular module updates at ESET's discretion
(Planned termination of this functionality must be communicated to customers, and the suggestion to update to the latest version must be displayed. If this is not guaranteed, the functionality should not be terminated during the following year. After it is turned off, the whole product stops working because the security of the user is jeopardized. If available, the latest version or a substitute is offered.)

No technical support or security and stability updates are available for this version

Knowledgebase articles and Online Help are unpublished and no longer accessible online


Each ESET product is represented by a table. Each major or minor product version is represented by a table row. See also Product tables explanation.


Original Release Date

Latest Build

Latest Build Release Date

Current Status

Full Support

Limited Support


January 1, 2022


April 5, 2022

OkFull support

Until next major version

Until next major version + 1 year


January 1, 2021

April 5, 2021

Warning Limited Support

Ended (January 1, 2022)

Until January 2023


January 1, 2020

April 5, 2020

Threats End of Life

Ended (January 1, 2021)

Ended (January 1, 2022)

To review the current support level for your ESET product, see the Is my ESET product supported? section.