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Product lifecycle

Each of our products fits into a specific stage of the product lifecycle.

We categorize our products into the following stages:

Products in active development

These products are in the early or middle stages of the lifecycle.

Products in active development regularly undergo the end of version procedure for earlier product versions (every time a new major version is released).

Products in maintenance

These products are in a highly mature state and ESET only maintains them. There is no development of any new features. Products in maintenance do not get releases guaranteeing compatibility with future operating system releases. Products in maintenance have the flag Maintenance in product tables.

Products to be terminated

These products undergo an internal product termination procedure, which results in the products complete End of Life. Products to be terminated have the flag Terminated.

End of Sale

End of Sale is a part of the Terminated product lifecycle stage. As we strive always to provide transparent communication, we will announce the product's End of Sale at least six months before the planned End of Sale date. We will publish this information on our End of Life site. See the complete list of product terminations at ESET products scheduled for End of Life.

After the End of Sale date, no new orders of a specific ESET product or service are allowed. For existing customers, renewals will still be allowed for a period specified in the End of Sale announcement. No licenses for the product (or an offering that includes this product) can expire after the End of Life date.

Following the End of Sale date, ESET will provide support for the affected product regarding its lifecycle stage and version support levels as per our End of Life policy. If migration options to an alternative ESET product(s) exist, ESET will provide guidance to enable a smooth transition for our customers.

The product End of Life will follow after the End of Sale date, within a period specified in the End of Sale announcement (usually two years for business products, one year for home products). In special cases when the functionality of ESET products is negatively affected, or the security of the user is jeopardized by external factors such as operating system platform changes or legal restrictions, ESET reserves the right to execute the termination process outside the minimal standard time duration.

After the End of Life date, ESET will remove the product from the corresponding offerings.