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Policy for Mac and Linux home products

Support levels

Full Support

Until the next major version release (for example, version 6.x or version 7.x).

Limited Support

+1 year after expiration of Full Support for the affected major product version.
+2 months for free products.

End of Life

Immediately from the effective date, at least six months' notice of the affected version's End of Life date.

ESET guarantees full support for the latest version released.

Operating system support

ESET guarantees support only for the last three major macOS versions. (Latest major macOS version – ESET guarantees the availability of a suitable ESET supporting antivirus product version no later than one day before Apple's official public release.)

Exclusions to End of Life policy

ESET is not obliged to offer support if hardware and/or software does not meet the minimum system requirements of the product or the product/product version is no longer supported.

If the user prefers an earlier version of an ESET product and requires technical support, the ESET Technical Support will ask to update the product first before assisting the user. (A user may not be able to upgrade to the  latest available ESET product version with obsolete hardware or operating system version.)

If any serious incidents affect the version in the unsupported phase, the user will be advised to upgrade to a supported version.

Update to the latest version of the user's product may be required during the support process.

In the case of a planned termination of the product:

Compensation or substitution may be provided at ESET's discretion.

If the later version of the substitute version/product is released after this decision, the end of the terminated product is counted down from that release date.

ESET will provide at least a one-year notice of the affected product End of Life date.

In the case of planned feature termination, ESET will provide six months' notice for paid products, tools, and services.

In special cases when the functionality of ESET Mac products, services or features is negatively affected, or the security of the user is jeopardized by external factors such as operating system platform changes or legal restrictions, ESET reserves the right to execute the End of Life process outside the minimal standard time duration. In this case, compensation or a substitute feature is provided at ESET's discretion.