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Google and Android operating system

For various reasons, the use of the Android operating system is very fragmented. As a result, our operating system support policy needs to be benevolent so as not to exclude any significant portion of our existing and potential customer base. This is subject to change in the future should the market situation with fragmentation improve. Our current major version of ESET Endpoint Security for Android is guaranteed to get a Service Release securing compatibility with the future Android operating system releases until a newer major product version supersedes it.

Product version




Release Date

Q1 2023 (estimated)

November 2, 2021

February 25, 2015

Forward Compatibility**

While in Full Support
(Applicable for the latest product version only)

While in Full Support
(Applicable for the latest product version only)

Currently in Limited Support***
(It might work but it is not guaranteed)

Android Lollipop


Android Marshmallow


Android Nougat

Android Oreo

Android Pie

Android 10

Android 11

Android 12

Android 13



* Android 13 is supported from the product version 3.3

** Forward Compatibility - ESET guarantees compatibility of future operating system versions with the latest ESET product versions.

*** Applicable for the product version 2.12