Update legacy ESET products with Paid Extended Support


Paid Extended Support was replaced by ESET Extended Support

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Legacy ESET products that have already reached End of Life are disconnected from public ESET update servers. Users with Paid Extended Support must use a dedicated update server to deliver basic module updates to legacy ESET products.

The update server is accessible on the following link: http://update.eset.com/redir/extendedsupport

What is the scope for "basic module updates"?

Your ESET products will continue updating only module updates necessary for the proper functioning of the product versions that reached End of Life (the virus signature updates and other module updates specified in Annex No. 1 to the Agreement on the Extended Support).

Eligible ESET product versions supported by this update server

ESET product versions that are part of the Agreement on the Extended Support between users and ESET.



Configure the update server properly


Mixed environments

Mixed environments contain both the supported (in Limited Support and Full Support) and unsupported (that already reached End of Life and were disconnected from public ESET update servers) ESET products.

Before selecting one from the options below, create a separate group to assign policies/settings only to the unsupported ESET products.


Select the applicable option:






The Paid Extended Support cannot provide the same level of protection as a fully updated product. Upgrade your ESET products and operating systems to get the best level of protection and support (compared to the Paid Extended Support or after the Paid Extended Support expires).

Upgrade your ESET products

Users must upgrade their systems to SHA-256 compatible operating systems (including the latest product versions).

Last updated: July 14, 2023

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