Install ESET PROTECT 10.1—Clean installation


Installation prerequisites

Make sure your system meets the ESET PROTECT Server installation prerequisites.


Supported Windows operating systems

We recommend that you install ESET PROTECT 10.1 on a supported 64-bit Windows Server OS.

ESET PROTECT is not supported on Windows Server 2008 R2 and earlier or on 32-bit Windows.

The only Windows desktop operating system compatible with ESET PROTECT 10.1 is 64-bit Windows 10 or 11. Installing ESET PROTECT components on a desktop operating system might not be in alignment with Microsoft licensing policy. Check the Microsoft licensing policy or consult with your software supplier for details.

If you want to use a custom database server:

oVerify you have a supported database server and that it is properly configured (SQL Server or MySQL Server).

oVerify that the new database server is present in your network and make sure you have access to it on your local/remote server.

If you want to install the ESET PROTECT Web Console using the ESET PROTECT All-in-one installer, make sure to install the Web Console prerequisites (supported versions of Apache Tomcat and Java).

Download the ESET PROTECT All-in-one installer or standalone ESET PROTECT component installers from the ESET website.


Install ESET PROTECT Server 10.1 on Windows

To perform an all-in-one installation, refer to Install the ESET PROTECT Server (recommended) section of the ESET PROTECT Install Online Help guide. To perform a component installation, refer to the Component installation section of the ESET PROTECT Install Online Help guide.


Add client computers to ESET PROTECT and deploy the ESET Management Agent

Refer to the ESET Management Agent deployment section of the ESET PROTECT Admin Online Help guide.


Upgrade the ESET Endpoints to the latest version

Follow the instructions for your customers and/or endpoints; see Endpoints managed by ESET PROTECT/ESMC/ERA.


We strongly recommend that you run the latest versions of supported operating systems on computers in your network.

You can use ESET PROTECT to manage computers running unsupported Windows operating systems (for example, Windows Vista or Windows XP) with ESET products in Limited Support, but some remote management limitations may occur. We do not guarantee the functionality of earlier ESET products after they reach their End of Life.

Last updated: January 25, 2023

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