ESET Business Account

What is ESET Business Account?

ESET Business Account (EBA) allows ESET business license owners to manage all their licenses in one place. After adding licenses to the ESET Business Account portal, you can share the number of seats your license includes among sites and enroll people you trust to help you manage your licenses.


Who is the subject of this communication?

All current users of ESET Business Account will be affected by the End of Life of ESET Business Account.


Which product will replace ESET Business Account?

ESET PROTECT Hub replaces the ESET Business Account and ESET MSP Administrator 2 license portals. ESET will migrate all accounts from both platforms in phases. Users cannot access older license portals after their account is migrated to ESET PROTECT Hub.


What about mixed-account users?

A mixed account is where a user uses the same login for their ESET MSP Administrator 2 and ESET Business Account license portals. Mixed accounts will be merged into one if they are connected by an ESET PROTECT instance. In any other case, ESET will treat these accounts as separate. Users will be able to change the persona via a drop-down menu to access both accounts.


What features can we expect in ESET PROTECT Hub?

ESET PROTECT Hub includes all existing ESET MSP Administrator 2 and ESET Business Account features, as well as new features.


End of Life and Migration Schedule


ESET plans to migrate customers from all countries during the phases mentioned below.


Migration steps

There is no action needed on the customer side. All affected users will receive migration information for their account.

After migration, the customer will receive an ESET PROTECT Hub invitation email and must finalize their ESET PROTECT Hub account activation. Licenses are migrated automatically.


Migration phases


Affected Countries


Greece & Italy


Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand


DACH, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Israel, France, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium


Turkey, Middle East, Scandinavia, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain, Ukraine


Lithuania, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, China, South Korea, Croatia, Ireland, Romania, Portugal, Thailand, CIS, Bulgaria, North Africa, Latvia, Indonesia, Estonia, Nigeria.


Rest of the APAC and LATAM countries.

Last updated: August 31, 2023

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