ESET has created a dedicated update server to deliver basic module updates to users with systems that are not SHA-256 (SHA-2) compatible. It will operate temporarily until December 31, 2021. It is accessible on the following URL:

This server works only for the following products:

version 6.6 and later ESET endpoint products for Windows

version 7.x and later ESET products for Windows Server

Administrators with local ESET update mirrors must create a mirror or update the existing mirror for client devices that are running an OS without SHA256 support. Unaffected machines (with SHA-256 support) should keep updating from the standard mirror.


This solution is temporary!

Users still need to upgrade their systems to SHA-256 compatible operating systems.

Who is this solution for?

This temporary solution is only for users with custom local update mirrors serving machines that are not SHA-256 compatible. Other users should not change their mirror settings.

Users with a local mirror and mixed environments (both compatible and SHA-256 not compatible machines) must create a separate mirror for the affected endpoints.

What does it mean "basic module updates"?

Your ESET product version will continue updating most of its modules, including the detection engine, on operating systems without SHA-2 support. However, we will be unable to fix for you or improve some functionality (such as Anti-stealth, HIPS, Firewall).

What can I do?

Use the temporary solution for SHA-1 compatible systems

Upgrade your ESET products and operating systems now

Read more about the SHA-1 issue


Apply the temporary solution

Choose the applicable option first:


Upgrade to ensure support after April 2021

Users still need to upgrade their systems to SHA-256 compatible operating systems (including the latest product versions).

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