ESET Security Management Center 7.0 has limited support

MSP administrators have to do these steps in order


Upgrade ESET Security Management Center (ESMC) to the latest version

If you installed ESMC on a Windows device using the All-in-one installer, refer to the Upgrade ESET Security Management Center 7.1.x to version 7.2.11 using the All-in-one installer (Windows) Knowledgebase article.

For all other update scenario procedures, refer to the Upgrade, migration and reinstallation procedures section of the ESMC Install Online Help guide.


Upgrade ESET Management Agents on all managed computers to version 7.2



If you are also using the MDM component, follow the MDM upgrade steps for the MDM component upgrade procedure before you upgrade the ESET Management Agents.

Follow the Upgrade ERA Agents (6.5) or ESET Management Agents (7.x) to the latest ESET Management Agents (7.2) using the Components Upgrade Task Knowledgebase article.


Upgrade the ESET Endpoints to the latest version

Follow the instructions for your customers and/or endpoints; see Endpoints managed by ESMC/ERA.

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