ESET Remote Administrator 5.3 reached End of Life

Upgrade your ERA Server

You cannot directly upgrade or migrate ERA 5.3 to ESET PROTECT 10.0.


Migrate ERA 5.3 Server to ESMC 7.2

To migrate ERA 5.3 to ESMC 7.2, use the ESET Migration Assistant or Migration Tool.


Upgrade ESMC 7.2 to ESET PROTECT 10.0

We recommend that you use the Security Management Center Components Upgrade.


Apache HTTP Proxy users

Starting with ESET PROTECT 10.0, ESET Bridge replaces Apache HTTP Proxy. Apache HTTP Proxy has reached Limited Support. If you use Apache HTTP Proxy, we recommend migrating to ESET Bridge.


Deploy ESET Management Agent to computers in your network

We recommend that you deploy the ESET Management Agent in one of the following ways:

Active Directory (AD) synchronization: Performed by running a Static Group Synchronization task.

ESET Remote Deployment tool: Allows you to deploy All-in-one packages created in the ESET PROTECT Web Console.


Upgrade the ESET Endpoints to the latest version

Follow the instructions for your customers and/or endpoints; see Endpoints managed by ESET PROTECT/ESMC/ERA.


We strongly recommend that you run the latest versions of supported operating systems on computers in your network.

You can use ESET PROTECT to manage computers running unsupported Windows operating systems (for example, Windows Vista or Windows XP) with ESET products in Limited Support, but some remote management limitations may occur. We do not guarantee the functionality of earlier ESET products after they reach their End of Life.

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